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Emergency Vehicle

I know it’s intimidating when other drivers try to bully you into going faster than the speed limit. But you have the right to travel in the right lane at the posted speed. You’re being a good, courteous driver.

I do worry about you, though. There were studies done that concluded that speed differential causes accidents. In other words, it’s not driving at 75 that necessarily causes people to crash, it’s when some people drive at 75 and others drive at 50. So, depending on your state law, my suggestion is to make good use of your hazard lights.

Hazard light laws are, frankly, a mess. Some states allow you to use them while driving. Some allow their use while driving if there’s a traffic hazard (which is your situation). And some states only allow hazard light use if your vehicle is stopped or disabled. So you’ll have to check your state law (try a local AAA office).

Either way, if you see an emergency vehicle on the shoulder, first try to pull into the center lane, if it’s safe to do so. And then let people pass you if they want to. Just ignore them if you’re going 70. If you can’t get into the center lane safely, then follow the law and slow down, and if state law allows, put on your emergency flashers while you’re traveling at 50 mph.

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