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TikTok creator @miriam.gin1 recommends two essential items for organizing your bedside table—a sleek digital alarm clock with two charging ports and a magnetic cable organizer to keep cords from falling under your bed.

If you want to embrace the vintage vibes of a green velvet couch, opt for cottagecore art and décor like @hannah_unlost. A few sleek midcentury elements like the lamp and coffee table keep this room from looking too twee. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning homeowners of the danger of furniture tip-overs. It’s not enough to set a TV on a tabletop or push a bookcase against the wall especially if there are toddlers in the home. An adult is vulnerable, too, because a simple nudge to a spindly bookcase can bring it (and everything in it) tumbling to the floor.

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Goodbye, harsh lines and empty spaces. Hello, organic shapes that soften design and big, bold statement pieces. Look for tables without hard corners, opulent mirrors, curved furniture and powerful jewel-toned hues.

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The trend started roughly a decade ago of mixing different cabinets in the same space. This mix of colors and materials remains on trend.

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Instead of feeling blue after the holidays, consider this your opportunity for a clean slate. Tackle one (or a few!) of these small ways to declutter and restyle your home for a brighter, happier and cleaner new year.

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During yet another year of working from home when my movement consisted of walking from my couch to my desk and back again, Lia Bartha's pilates app, B the Method, has been a huge boost to my mental and physical health. The range of class formats and times makes it easy to take a 15-minute midday cardio break from work or to wind down at the end of the day with an hour of slower, more meditative movement. An annual subscription costs $159.99 (or $17.99 per month), and the app has totally made me appreciate exercising from home. — Clare Duffy, tech writer

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It’s tempting to plop yourself in your chair and power through the workday until everything’s done. Stretchly forces you to take 20-second breaks every 15 minutes and 3-minute breaks every hour — by placing a big, unmovable window over the top of everything you’re working on onscreen.

If you’ve ever saved up to buy a nice couch or armchair — or have one you inherited and absolutely love — you know how much it hurts the first time a glass of wine tips all over your favorite couch. First, don’t panic! A stain doesn’t mean the end for your couch. Just learn how to combat tough stains, and while you’re at it, get in the habit of regularly cleaning your furniture to keep it looking its best.

Sometimes small details on furniture get chipped away over time, but you can replace these elements on antique furniture by using this hack from @greensprucedesigns. All you need is a hot glue gun and some Bondo.

Pet teepees serve as a piece of cool boho furniture in your home while also giving your cat or small dog a cozy place to relax. TikTok creator @leannelimwalker shows you how to make one yourself from fabric and dowels. There’s no sewing required.

Typically, we design and decorate our homes to fit our sense of style— and then those decor choices dictate our cleaning routines. We dust our open shelving weekly, and wipe down the marble countertop daily. But what if the process was reversed?

Years ago, a dear friend, upon seeing a long wall covered in coats in my utility room, exclaimed, “Oh, what a great place for a row of lockers…

A well-designed family room can truly be the heart of the household. But too often the family room ends up feeling like either a formal parlor — stiff and uninviting — or a free-for-all kids’ playroom. Strike a balance by picking up some of these ideas for attractive, functional family rooms that look good and work hard for the families who live there.

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