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A Portsmouth nonprofit dedicated to helping single mothers and their children is fundraising to replace diapers, baby wipes and office equipment that were stolen from its office. Patti Johnson, founder and president of Shining Light Homes, said the person or people who broke into the organization’s High Street office on Oct. 9 threw a potted plant through the front window and “ransacked our ...

While it may seem that replacing a kitchen faucet will be a straightforward swap of an old faucet for a new one, the first phase of the job may be the most challenging. Another issue is working in the dark on your back with your head and shoulders squeezed in the confines of a base cabinet. There is a staggering amount of kitchen faucet styles, finishes and features to...

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Some kitchens have outdated hardware — if they have any. A trip to a home improvement store can offer contemporary and timeless options for your drawers and cabinets. Trendy finishes include brass or matte and flat black finishes and square pull bars.

The moving process certainly has a downside — namely, the physical and financial burden of having to pack up and transport all of your stuff. The upside is that it presents the perfect opportunity to reassess your belongings and break free of what no longer suits you or the life you’re looking to create.

Dorm room beds are always unattractive and utilitarian, but you can spruce up your room for around $20 by building your own headboard. TikTok creator @emilyrayna shows you how to use Dollar Store picture frames to transform your space.

Having a perfectly styled bedside table might look nice in photos, but @mireyarios proves you can have a nightstand that’s a stylish as it is functional. Hand cream lip balm, room spray, and a diffuser are just a few of the items she stashes on her nightstand—all essentials for a cozy day reading in bed.

So many renter kitchens and bathrooms are cursed with the cheap, ugly, and not all that functional iron shelves in the pantry or closet. TikTok creator @kelseyvenkov transformed her pantry by placing wood on top of the wire.

TikTok user @creativeideas111 recommends using a shoe rack that allows you to neatly stack your pairs with one shoe on top of the other to double the number of shoes you can fit in a cabinet.

Dark colors can make a room feel instantly more cozy, but the plush green leather couch in @brittanyelizabeth693’s apartment certainly helps. Vintage furniture and plenty of ornate mirrors complete the look.

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A classic drum-shaped glass fish bowl. The thick, crystal-clear glass not only is a great choice for small fish and aquatic plants but makes a nice terrarium for turtles, crabs, snails, crickets and even tarantulas. The compact, 1-gallon size of this fish bowl makes it ideal for placing on a desk, bookcase or shelf. $19.99 at Amazon

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The right office chair can boost your comfort while improving your posture. When choosing a chair, look for something that provides lumbar (lower back) support with adjustable height and armrests to reduce tension in the shoulders, arms and neck.

Dropping $1,500 on a single piece of furniture is a major investment, but @xomyhome used fluted trims and gold hardware to transform a Kallax shelf fit for a college dorm room into a chic look-a-like of a pricey console.

Furniture and décor should double as a storage solution if you’re living in a small space. TikTok user @lifewithlyss1 1 shows off a storage bench, TV stand, and ottoman that add a ton of storage to her one-bedroom apartment.

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