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These addictive cheesy garlic zucchini bites will go fast at any dinner party you throw. Serve them up with ranch for dipping like @morganeisenberg, or just eat them plain since they’re super flavorful either way.

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Kebabs please everyone. We can make meatless kebabs, lean turkey kebabs and, for a treat, beef sirloin kebabs. Scale the recipes up or down based on the number of people to serve.

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Here's the big surprise of the top tier. Fody specializes in low FODMAP (which stands for "fermentable oligo-, di-, monosaccharides and polyols" — there will be a quiz later) food items. Without getting too far into it, a low FODMAP diet can help people with IBS.

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Though it may not be a popular dish for people to eat in Ireland, corned beef and cabbage is a St. Paddy's Day tradition, and it's honestly easy to make at home -- no need to head out to the pub.

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All of the delicious guacamole flavors you love in a healthy veggie-packed salad. Want to pump up the protein? Add leftover roast chicken or sauteed shrimp.

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