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Joe Biden

'Carpet' references

illustrate differences

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

This past Tuesday at 5:30 p.m., President-elect Joe Biden ignited a "carpet of light" at the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial to honor the 400,000 citizens who died of COVID-19 in the past year. Biden said: "To heal, we must remember. It's hard sometimes to remember, but that's how we heal."

The next day at 8 a.m., Donald Trump — who was still president —  exited the White House by way of a red carpet. After a self-aggrandizing speech before a small crowd at Joint Base Andrews, he said, "the movement we started is only just beginning," finishing with his favorite phrase, "There's never been anything like it.” He then boarded Air Force One, of course, by way of a red carpet.

These actions show the sharp contrast between these two men: One, directing attention to others; the other, drawing all the attention to himself.

Marcia Dickinson.


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