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The recirculate button reuses all but 5% to 10% of the air inside your car. It’s useful when you want to cool the car quickly, because you’re not continually introducing new, hot, humid air from outside.

The fresh air setting will introduce much more new air, and that’s what you want. I’m guessing you want to minimize the amount of passenger air you’re breathing. And to be fair, your passengers probably want to do the same since for all they know, you just got back from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Group Hug.

So even better — regardless of the AC settings — open at least two windows. Open your driver’s window and the window diagonally opposite that, on the passenger side in back. You don’t have to open them all the way, but even by opening them a quarter of the way, you’ll usually create a cross current and move air through the car. Even better, crack all of the windows a quarter of the way, if your passengers are amenable.

That doesn’t mean you have to forgo the air conditioning (or heat). You can run those anyway, even with the windows open, and make the

in-car temperature more comfortable.

After a challenging year when passenger flights dwindled to a bare minimum and Richmond International Airport at times resembled a deserted co…

The blimp, forever besmirched due to the Hindenburg explosion in 1937, never really fulfilled its potential as a commuting vehicle. Some companies are trying to change that.

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