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TikTok creator @mauivenus started with a lot of plants to begin with, but the before and after of her overgrown indoor jungle shows what can happen when you happily let plants take over your bedroom.

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Cutworms only take a few bites out of new transplants, which doesn’t seem like it would do much harm, except that those bites are at ground level. Attacked seedlings topple over, dead. Don’t confuse this damage with damping-off disease, which is caused by a fungus that also attacks at the soil line, but usually affects only very young, newly sprouted seedlings.

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Leaves perforated with small holes are a sure indicator of flea beetles, who especially like the leaves of cabbage, arugula, tomatoes and eggplants. The beetle itself is tiny, shiny and black, and will hop away as you approach it.


Local plants are blooming close to the expected time, according to the National Phenology Network, despite the “leaf out” happening a couple o…

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TikTok creator Christine (@_forthehome) has some impressive indoor plants in her living space, and that might be thanks to her banana tea fertilizer. The recipe couldn’t be simpler: just fill a jar with banana peels and water, close and let brew for three days, then water your plants with the mixture.

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You can cut back on kitchen waste and feed your plants at the same time with this DIY eggshell fertilizer from TikTok user @maya.sarah19. To make the fertilizer, crush up leftover eggshells and cover with water. After two days, you can water your plants with the mixture.

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