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Before all the bro-on-the-run, complicated-relationship, and my-parents-are-cringe comedies that fill our streaming services, Mel Brooks took …

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Before his Ku Klux Klan-promoting film “Birth of a Nation” (1915), D.W. Griffith codified Mexican characters and themes that persist today. The reprobate father. The saintly mother. The wayward son. And especially the “greaser,” often with white actors darkening their skin to play either thieves and rapists or doomed souls whose noble nature cannot be rewarded because they’re, well, Mexicans. Griffith’s “The Greaser’s Gauntlet” (1908) was the first to use the slur in its title.


Last month saw diverging temperature themes. Virginia averaged its coolest February since 2015, but across North America it was coldest since …

The Stevesons’ home features more than 70,000 lights. The Winter Wonderland theme features 15 animated deer, 17 blow ups, and 13 other animated figures, which included a igloo, polar bears, seal, and penguins. They hope to light up Thanksgiving and remain lit through New Year’s Eve.

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Long before “Eye of the Tiger” (which didn’t come around until “Rocky III”), the music of the Rocky franchise had cemented its place in film history. Conti’s main theme managed to top the Billboard Hot 100, while “Going The Distance” feels like something ripped out of a historical drama.

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If you want to explain the joy of westerns to someone, play them Bernstein’s main theme from “The Magnificent Seven.” It’s the ultimate setup for a movie about cowboys and gunfighters, settling their moral disputes and capturing the hearts of damsels in distress.

What does the concept of a wedding theme mean to you? Do you think it’s just about the colors you choose for your bouquet and bridesmaid gowns…

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