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Three things you need to know when searching for a job in 2022

Three things you need to know when searching for a job in 2022

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Three things you need to know when searching for a job in 2022

It has certainly been an interesting and often times difficult time. Since 2019, the job market has changed significantly, and searching for a job might feel more challenging than ever. Knowing where to look and what to look for may help you land an incredible job in 2022, though. Here are three job trends you need to know when searching for a job this year.

1. Short term jobs are on the rise

Most job seekers want a permanent job, because permanent employment offers more security. However, some permanent positions are tough to come by these days. The next best alternative is short-term or temporary employment.

Short term jobs can be better than most people think. They help you meet your short term needs and build your skillset. Short term or contract positions can give you a chance to try something new (new location, new job type, new company) without a lot of risk. Your resume can be better off with multiple short term gigs than with one long term job, and your next short term job could quickly turn into permanent employment.

2. Remote working has taken over

Yes, your next employer may prefer to have you working from the comfort of your home. Before restoration of normalcy, most companies will have their workforce working remotely. Forbes advises job seekers to focus on remote jobs as they can now work anywhere in the US. Keep this in mind as your search for a job in 2022.

3. You are likely to work in key industries

Over the past two years, many sectors have experienced a down surge. However, key industries have registered significant growth. Therefore, there is a need for these industries to increase their workforce. Your next interview is likely to be in technology, healthcare, e-commerce, customer service, or general freelancing. Keep an eye on these areas and see how your previous experience and skills fit.

With a little flexibility, patience, and creativity, you can find some excellent opportunities out there.


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