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You're flying. You're hungry. Too bad
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You're flying. You're hungry. Too bad

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You're flying. You're hungry. You just may be out of luck.

Airlines, which made Scrooge look generous during last decade's Great Recession, have reverted to their miserly ways, but this time, the culprit is COVID-19.

Concerned about exposing travelers and flight crew to the vitriolic virus, airlines are limiting - and sometimes eliminating - service.

Here's what various airlines are doing. But before you crush your granola bar in annoyance, we also share some of the unintended consequences the coronavirus has foisted on carriers.

Most of this information pertains to domestic routes because international travel is significantly slimmer than it was this time last year. In fact, many airlines are finding what strength they have in domestic flights. If your airline isn't listed here, consult its website.

Of note to those who fly economy but might want an alcoholic beverage: That's probably not happening right now. Many airlines have cut out or curtailed alcoholic beverages. And if you're thinking of bring your own stash, remember, it would have to be 3.4 ounces or less to get through security. Even if you get it on board, it is against Federal Aviation Administration regulations to drink your own alcohol.

When you're thinking about snacks to pack to supplement the slim or nonexistent offerings, consider whether your food will pass the sniff test - literally. We're talking about you, durian and Limburger cheese, among other offenders.

Here's the new food - and drinkscape - on various airlines.

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