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If anyone has to be replaced on Henrico's board of supervisors it should be Mrs. O'Bannon after the what she & the supervisors pulled a few years ago in some zoning against the what the people in her district pulled in favor of what builder Gominick wanted, she can't be re-elected.

Peters, as for dividing this country, so far Trump has done a very good job of dividing us, PERIOD

I hope Mrs. Beres has her lifeboat ticket & her life preserver handy because the ship she is sailing on ( The USS. Donald J. Trump) is going to be torpedoed come November& if the Us is lucky, things may get back to normal. Even though Trump was in the big money bracket , I never t…

There was unemployment before this virus came about. Many jobs were lost here when many things we buy here started being made in foreign countries. Now the question arises, who put the equipment in these countries with their cheap labor rate ? If my memory is correct, many foreign stuff c…

Peters, you sure know what "Hate & Revenge" is, you sure practice it enough, PERIOD.

Your right about that Peters, your hate has got you to the age of 84, keep it up, PERIOD

Why cant presidents fly around on a Lear Jet instead of a large money eating 747 Air Force One plane ?

Peters, your hero, Trump is not fit to ick Obamas shoes, no his feet.

AmVet commented on Your 2 Cents

Mr. B, I have asked Eaton if he served in any branch of our military, as yet he has never answered me on that.

AmVet commented on Your 2 Cents

Thanks for the info Mr B, My posts are for the Mrs. Beres who writes for the RTD.

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