Let's be very clear. Mayor Stoney wants to defund the police. Stoney seems to be of the opinion that police make things worse. So, come on, Mayor, put your money where your mouth is. You don't need a security detail. Find a social worker and let them follow you know, as you …

Jury bias and the venue make for reversible error. But by all means, lock him away for life. I do not think though that the State has the obligation to seek vengeance. Let him rot in prison.

In a remarkable coincidence, a copy of the New New American Dictionary from the future fell through a time rift today. In perusing it, I discovered a few new words. One of the more interesting ones was:

Northam (v) - to pander, to obfuscate or to compensate for one's known behaviors…

Doesn't anyone realize he needed to be seen? A mask would have obscured his face so he could not make the press happy. The sooner we all realize he does everything for "optics," the sooner we can start ignoring Gov. Blackface and his sycophants.

Once the 4th Circuit either refuses to hear the case or finds with lower court, the next step should be civil action against the NAACP to recover the legal costs to tax payers in the county.

It's obvious to anyone in the county that the BOS will allow any development anywhere along 360, 301, or Sliding Hill. They serve business, not the citizens of the county.

I wonder how many of them will personally profit from the deal.

Someone should ask the NAACP to show us on the doll where the school names hurt them.

With a broad definition such as the one they used, I am surprised the number is not higher. Coercion of any kind, even the garden variety "c'mon, no one will know" qualifies as rape to the authors. Am I the only one that sees such a broad definition as problematic and statistically skewed…

Someone or some people wanted to be famous. This will of course fuel gun control arguments.

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