James McIntyre

Albemarle's Board of Supervisors are a bunch od Wimps !

Shocked that The Richmond Times Disgrace published this race baiting rubbish . . .

Imagine if an error occurs on this website . This could result in Legal battles that could involve hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits and unending litigation . . .

Bobby , That's how the Tail wags the dog !

Drake needs to listen to his Mom !

Drake , Your mother knows best !

Drake , Wonder if Hydroxychloroquine would cure your insanity ?

Melissa , you can't change or rewrite History !

Why don't they hire all Black Teachers and only let in Black Students and name the college " Wilder College and let Doug Wilder Fund it ?

Stoney blames his problems on Trump ? Stoney is as big an Idiot as our inept Governor !

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