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Alice Johnson

Thanks for sharing this story, I am sure there are many more like it.

This is a really nice story. Thanks for sharing.

Polk Montague, you don't know the paternity status of this woman's children. Shame on you, judge not, lest ye be judged.

Why is he not considered a threat to the community? Threatening persons of the community is what got his sorry behind locked up in the first place.

Wild animals belong in cages. Now that he is recaptured, please keep him there. This is tragic.

You are right Drake. I was working for the health department when they started shutting down state run mental health facilities. Those facilities were in place for a reason, integrating the seriously mentally ill into communities has not worked. Communities and families are not equipped t…

Not enough time. Life without parole would be a more appropriate sentence. That little girl he traumatized has a life sentence for seeing what was done to her father. I pray that she is young enough to benefit from therapy and that she will have a good life in spite of this.

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