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You do not get unemployment unless you have worked and been laid off.

As Hal often says, elections have consequences. But on one could have voted thinking this could happen.


This was from a Channel 8 news story on July 22. And extra credit if you can figure out who the contractor really is. Apparently that is double top secret Stoney information.

My butt to your hands, Sidewalk.


Norbert The bill was released. $1.8 million including a $900,000 mobilization fee has been spent to date. Funny thing is, no one can seem to figure out who is behind the company that received the $.

He is in Hanover. The county will be find in spite of some one or two far left progressive radicals who some how crossed the Chickahominy and made their way in after dark. I assume they got lost and had no idea where they were going. Or are you a sleeper cell sent to infiltrate the last b…

Not a nickel. Let the melting go to the the almost $2,000,000 bill for their removal. No matter where you put them, some one will whine that they are offended. And let Richmond deal with the pedestals which I am sure the imperial mayor and the puppet strings governor will do. But if the R…

Northam's leadership at it finest. His parole board give a vicious cop killer parole and the leader of the board gets a judgeship.Certainly somewhere there is a Democrat besides the City Attorney that has a problem with this? If not, then this is what you are going to get from now on. God…

Tap away, Sidewalk. Just keep it in Richmond.

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