Eaton drinks a lysol/hydroxychloroquine cocktail each night.

Clutch your pearls Tom Eaton. You'd best take heed and act accordingly. Thank you for your minority opinion.

Thank you for your minority opinion Randy Hall.

Estas pero si bien pendejo Tracy Peters.

Racing itself endangers horses more than anything.

This is crazy stuff. As much as I'd like to see my Hokies kick Clemson's butt...its not worth the risk to all involved. I've been watching baseball for over a week now and seeing what is happening with the Marlins and now the Cardinals. Baseball is not a contact sport. Football is. Playin…

Do you eat bull excrement for dinner Tracy Peters? Are gun-toting white supremacists storming state capitols your idea of civility? I see you've taken your daily pill of hate, hypocrisy, and stupidity. The end is near for your fascist in the White House. November can't come soon enough. G…

Make "good trouble."

Karen Bass is a fantastic legislator and seriously likeable. She would be a wonderful VP pick.

Jefferson Davis would be proud. Is his statue in the dump now?

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