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Didn’t I just read that SC has one of the worst vaccination records so far in the USA?

I think planning how to safely open is the proper approach.....he said nothing about opening up immediately....after all they will all reopen one day and this will help ensure an orderly safe process!

I wondered the same thing this past year in the streets of Richmond!

Reading these 90 comments gives insight as to the problems this country faces with a philosophical divide and gives little hope for reconciliation!

I guess healing the nation will have to wait....apparently it’s not that important

If they actually met and worked every day for 30 days it would be about the same as 45 days with Friday afternoons and weekends off!

Just maybe part of the less enforcement and show of force was because the police were lambasted for being too tough before.....

The problem is getting people vaccinated with the already distributed vaccine....that is on the Governors!

The release isn’t the problem it is the lack of states getting the vaccine administered!

Hopeful that this group will finally make the redistricting process as non partisan as possible remembering however that redistricting is about the political process!

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