Fred Talbott

Amen. Thank you, brother.

I realize most of you did not save, are not flexible and creative, and believe allegiance to your chosen one literally trumps common sense. But recognize we of both parties and independents most want to protect you and your buddies from self-annihilation, and from infecting your families.…

Smart move. With Trump lying about just about every phase and action and inaction, we all have to be extremely cautious. I thank Mayor Stoney for his wisdom, courage, and action. "Re-opening"--a term highlighting go backwards, not forward--with insufficient factual proof (not lies) about …

Wish every eatery would recognize the marketing power of wearing face masks and gloves when prepping, cooking, and packaging carry-out AND LET US KNOW. We have steered clear of most carry out after driving by and seeing cooks and others with no face masks. Real simple, but a deal breaker …

Is there a story? Only headline and cut line are posted. Study wind paths and land contours--a twister route.

Wonderful. Empathy and kindness at its best. Active, caring, creative. Magnificent souls.

Man, those flags look uncomfortable! Ouch!

I realize many men are frightened these days, but it is ridiculous to allow them to bring loaded weapons to protests to threaten others. That is exactly what is going on here in Virginia, in Michigan, and elsewhere. Is this allowed in the visitors gallery of the United States Senate? On W…

Wonderful place. We love it. The world will find it one day and celebrate.

Tragic. So very, very sorry. And don't worry about policy--you let us know to reinforce just how important and special all of your city employees are and will always be.

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