Jeffrey, stereotypes can be rooted in some facts. For example, blacks represent 13% of the population but make up about 75% of the NBA. That is a fact. However it is stereotyping to assume any individual black person is a great basketball player......or whether he can play basketball at a…

Jeffrey, the leftist radicals have no better proponent than you. The leftists would argue that it is reasonable to believe that police officers might share your penchant for stereotyping......assumptions made about an individual based on their race, color, religion, sex, etc


The irony is that the reporting of false police abuses distracts attention from truly legitimate police abuses. The George Floyd killing resonated very deeply with ALL Americans for obvious reasons.

I am at a total loss why so many desire to equate George Floyd killing to the Michae…

I have overlooked a lot of such reporting but the cumulative bad reporting of the RTD has finally pushed me past my limits.

I avoid Far Right and Far Left journalism and social media websites. I have a rule that if I catch a source in a clear misrepresentation of the truth, I immedi…

This was followed by:

"Breonna Taylor, 26, who was killed in March after Louisville, Ky., officers stormed her home and fired 20 bullets, five of which struck her."

Is it not pertinent to know that Ms Taylor was harboring two known drug dealers, one of which was alleged to be …

I have seen some really bad reporting by the Richmond Times Dispatch but this has may have crossed the line:

"Michael Brown, 18, who was fatally shot by police with his hands in the air in Ferguson, Mo."

This is serious question:

Are Sabrina Moreno and her RTD editors in…

The constitutionality of requiring masks may be questionable.

But if it helps reopen businesses and schools, just voluntarily do it!!

One does not seek the reopening of schools as normal without any precautions.

Sports, specifically contact sports, but also extra curricular social clubs will have to be delayed, postponed until later in the school year, or eliminated.

Masks and social distancing would be expe…

I will not seek to convince anyone of the necessity of masks nor of its constitutionality. But I will say this:

1). If the use of masks helps us to re-open businesses and schools, that is reason enough to comply.

2). If wearing a mask makes some around you in public places mor…

We ordered an immediate mandatory shut down of all businesses. Then we offered unemployment to their workers.

Greatly reducing tax income while grossly increasing spending might have a negative impact on the budget.

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