William Howard

Kenneth, you are finally obtaining some common sense!

Mr.Kazas there is one giant problem with your theory about permitting these murderers to sit in prison and establish remorse or that they would consider it. For one, most of these guys are not remorseful and are sociopaths who will never be remorseful. Another problem will be, what good i…

How about giving us some short clip notes on the black on black crime from the book?

I didn't think you believed in God?

It's not revenge but justice! Again, as I've pointed out before you are giving a murderer a chance to escape and kill again and yes this has happened several times including Virginia when Death Row inmates escaped. Also, it gives them a chance and it has happened to kill or seriously inju…

I would never destroy their sign for unlike the protesters I respect the law and people's property. Also, you forget that you are speaking of the action of the present generation. The statues and the Civil War were occurrences of past generations and over a hundred years ago. Sorry bad ba…

Norbert, I could close my eyes and imagine numerous things that have happened over a hundred years ago but only for historical reasons, but you wish to remove these reasons with the removal of statues. Why re-establish slave quarters, slave museums, etc. you do it to preserve history just…

And the reason for public safety is because of the violence the protesters displayed during their so-called peaceful protests. Public safety would never have been an issue if no protests had occurred as the previous hundred years or so!

John, I doubt seriously the Universities would collapse. Students wait in line to attend most Universities, what the students who were offended should have stayed away, to begin with!

The statue is a joke and was installed to appear similar to JEB Stuart. The so-called artist missed this by a long shot. It looks like Medusa on a horse!

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