William Howard

Two months after the Civil War began Lincoln offered the Sothern States the right to keep slavery to return to the union. The States refused due to Northern aggression, state rights, and the inequalities the Noth displayed to the South. This proves slavery was not the main reason to go to…

Mr. Gaskins, no matter where they put them BLM & ANTIFA will protest and attempt to destroy or deface them. This is the society that the libtards and Democrats have developed! Until these idiots are voted out of office we will be residing in a "Snowflake Society"!

What a stupid comment!

One less thug saved the state money by shooting self!

If he was so great why didn't he prevent the riots.Ha!

Drake, it's all over the news google it, crime is lower everywhere due to the virus...are you that stupid its common sense!

Crime is down thanks to COVID-19 give it a few months! Sorry but these thugs are from the neighborhood who have been arrested for other shootings!

What would be your guess Drake and be honest!

Another single parent living off the government who is attempting to prevent her illegitimate daughter from being raised hopefully by responsible family members.

The chairperson who made her own rules and violated the law was made a Judge soon after by the Democrats! This shows what this party thinks about justice and victims. What's even more troubling is the Governor is sweeping it under the rug along with the new Chairman who is attempting to j…

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