Is Richmond, Virginia now a city where everyone can say "we will do as we please"??

It is time to quit putting up with this nonsense. I thought Levar Stony said that the Confederate statues were the cause of the problem. Now he has to get busy and not allow this kind of Mayhem to continue. It has been a big shame to see what has been going on. for this long.

I hope that the lawyers for the leaving of the Robert E. Lee where it is can be fruitful.

The state of Virginia should not have let all the vandalism happen and the state should get the statue repaired and cleaned up promply!!!

Mr Williams , Just because you think all the Confederate Statues and names should be removed does not make your thinking correct. I don't think slavery was right but the whites a couple of hundred years before were enslaved. Would the blacks rather be in this country or back in africa fro…

I think the murder of Floyd George was horrible, the murder of Travon Martin was horrible, and recently in Richmond a young black male murdered a young black girl in a robbery. So it is not only the whites that cause problems.

Richmond will have a long way to go. After all the Vandalism is over and all the statues are gone, what will be the excuse for lawlessness and Vandalism???

It should not be done or allowed at the Robert E. Lee statue. Even if some believe it is correct, they should do a lot more thinking about it.

It is a sad time when all the thoughts of a lot of people are trying to blame the statues of Confederate Leaders for the different problems of today. Marcus Peterson died at the hands of a Black Police officer and had to make an instant decision. I thought at the time, if it had been a Wh…

It is good to see that the Police and law enforcement are getting back to doing their job and they don't have to wait until 2: 30 AM to do it.

It is time for the city council to start trying to find ways for the Vandalism of some people to stop and the ones who are doing it should be procecuted to the full extent of the law.

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