Jeffery Kavanaugh

So will all school kids have to have a Flu shot before going back to school? Look at the CDC numbers and more school age kids have died from the yearly Flu than have from COVID. So if we are to believe the science, that's what all you have been screaming the last 6 months, than why are ki…

President Trump didn't shut down Virginia, Governor Coonman did. Why should the federal gov't be responsible for what they didn't do. Coonman needs to do some budget cutting and take of his fellow Virginians. That or he needs to open the economy back up so people can get back to work. If …

And yet the rioters continue to vandalize Richmond almost everyday and Stone boy does nothing about it, except, now you stop doing that it is unacceptable.

Just using the same logic you idiots used for removing the statues.

We need the statues! Without them, the birds would be defecating all over our cars and us.........................LMAO

So why not a Native American hero, Italian American hero, Latin American hero, etc.? Sick and tired of everything has to be about the African Americans. Such racist rhetoric!

During an economic emergency the President does have the power to do exactly what he is doing, much like Coonman is doing with all his executive orders during the COVID pandemic.

Virginia needs anew capital city. How can a person of color live in the "Capital of the Confederacy"? It must be such an oppressive feeling to live in the city that was the Capital of a society that wanted to destroy their way of life......................I say burn Richmond until they na…

Take your Carbon Tax and shove it!! US has been decreasing pollution levels for years and was one of the highest nations to decrease it's carbon footprint in last few years without this penalty tax.

Is some reform needed, yes. But before any one of them votes to reform the police they all do a week long ride along with a police officer in different areas of the state. After they see what our LEOs put up with daily they may see that some of the reforms would be harmful. Making it easi…

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