Gangbanger gun-criminals get their guns on the "black" market.

MLK was a disgusting pervert. Lee, Jackson, and Davis were far more honorable men.

Under Mayor Stoney's "leadership", Richmond is becoming a gun/drug-violent kleptocracy with a dysfunctional city government and failing schools. Note that Richmond gun-crime violence has increased since Stoney illegally ordered the removal of confederate statues from Monument Avenue. Ston…

Richmond is becoming a minority-run, gun/drug-violent, third-world kleptocracy. Richmond's past as the capitol of the confederacy and the Monument Ave statues were a great tourist attraction. The current Richmond city council and Mayor Stoney have ruined that. I doubt that many tourists w…

MLK was a plagiarist/liar, embezzler/thief, and criminal sexual deviate/pervert. Lee was a far more honorable man than MLK. Quit trying to rewrite history to suit today's progressive BS.

BLM is going to turn off the majority of US voters and re-elect DT.

Mayor Stoney and Governor Blackface are two incompetent democrats who kowtow to the black racists who now run the Richmond city council and VAGA.

What a black racist piece of trash!

MLK Middle School in Richmond is named after a plagiarist/liar, embezzler/thief, and criminal sexual deviate/criminal. As a citizen of VA, I'm offended by this perverted sense of values. Lee, Jackson, and Davis were far more honorable men than MLK. The RTD editorial staff should not be in…

Confederate statue removal was supposed to stop this type of mayhem. It evidently didn't work. Richmond city government and schools are also still UNSAT. What's the next trick of the black racists running Richmond and the VAGA?

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