Stoney really doesn't want a security detail. He wants an unarmed, inexperienced committee of citizen workers who will respond to his phone call if and when he might need them. If that's good enough for the rest of Richmond, then it's good enough for him!

The prevalence of COVID-19 in Mexico compared to the population is worse than most other countries in this hemisphere. It's just as likely some of these people carried the virus into Virginia rather than getting exposed while they were here. Perhaps Kaine and Warner should help Trump fina…

How could Virginia be "moved back" when this governor's policies have already placed us deeply into the dumper!!! Isn't it patently obvious that lockdowns and masks do NOTHING other than add economic distress to a viral epidemic??

You might actually have a point there - rare as that may be - were not masks essentially ineffective in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. It's been well demonstrated in the medical literature. Don't wait around to read it in the media, since the science behind this family of viruse…

I migrated here from New York and have always thought Richmond was not only a beautiful place, but a center of excellence for my chosen profession. The issues of "Confederacy" were history - issues that were appropriately kept alive and documented lest we forget the lessons. I thought Mon…

Correction: dimply=simply...although I would imagine Trump would be smiling himself into several dimples if he did this.

Isn't it wonderful to see a lawyer who violated professional ethics regarding client confidentiality rewarded by a judge for that unethical behavior. Trump should dimply sue the man into oblivion.

I would hope for "Unity" in the decision to haul these clowns directly off to jail and make them pay for all the damage!!

Hopefully Mr. Smith will take an enjoyable break and find a city that appreciates him . Meanwhile, we in Richmond are stuck with an incompetent moron for Mayor for another year. My taxes better not go up ONE CENT, Mr. Stoney - this was YOUR party. You can pay the pipers out of your fundin…

I suppose this is great evidence that the Trump Economy is recovered from the Democrat Plandemic if people have money to send to this troll. I am looking forward to voting him out. I am sure he will eventually move on to Congress. The stupid is THAT strong!!

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