Ken Martin

The new name should be U.S. Route 1. We need something plan and simple and this fits the bill just fine.

Again he and his staff have lied to the citizens of Richmond.

During the last ten years, the common denominator that links all the former chiefs to our new chief is money. The lack of funds mean lower pay, reduced staffing, and overworked officers.

RPD has been forced to squeeze the turnip so much there is nothing, and I mean nothing left. Our…

The story does not include that two nearby properties are also being used to collect and gather pictures and videos of the rioters in action. Thousands of pictures and videos have been collected to be used as evidence of the rioter's destruction. This evidence is not being gathered by loc…

Hey Ralphie, do us all a favor and go back to sleep. You are a baby killer. Remember, Thou Shalt Not Kill.

For years Richmond officials have told us in public meetings that 60% of Richmond's school-age children live at or below the poverty level. Compare that to the graduation rates and we can see where the failure comes from.

For a child to be successful, he or she must have proper nutr…

Free rides have never solved any crisis. We will all have to dig a little deeper in our pockets.

Once the statues are removed, what will the protestors demand to be removed next?

John King, I know you remember the two well-qualified candidates that withdrew, leaving Phoney Stoney and Fightin" Joe as the only two choices. There is something bigger going on here. Its more than an incorrigible young adult. Stoney is a pawn in this game of life.

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