Laura Graham

No more monuments to people. Everybody is fallible.

That is a really good idea!

Laura J Graham commented on Your 2 cents

Ms. Melefsky, People have tried to clean off the graffiti. Police have stopped them. Possibly for their own safety.

Haven't you heard of July/August in Virginia?

Diane Perkins, a well thought out and logical post. I hope it is listened to. And no storage expenses are being incurred, considering the statues were dumped in a field.

Wonderful news! Especially about laying the groundwork for human habitation. I have been waiting for this for most of my life. I think when it come to pass, the bases will resemble what the world has in Antarctica.

But could the reporter not have left off the first three paragraphs?…

Perhaps Richmond should go back to the days, not so long ago, of zero tolerance for vandalism.

So the Horse Whisperer is sent to jail for neglecting horses, but people get away with racing horses in 90 plus weather? Perhaps our state prosecutor knows who can hire a good lawyer?

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