In today’s COVID world, a text notice of absence should suffice. Give the four workers their jobs back, ET. This action doesn’t comply with your atmosphere of generosity and caring.

This is one on which we'll agree to disagree, Drake. Stony Point was a bad idea from the start. COVID-19 delivered the final blow.

This shopping center was a mistake from the start -- it's hard to get in and out, opened about the same time as Short Pump Town Center, and catered to the same crowd. COVID-19 has been its death blow.

This would have been helpful to me when I was certified in English and library science.

Unless Gerald Smith convinces Mayor Stoney and Gov Northam to rescind that state of emergency order, there will be no peace in Richmond. The mayor got scared when he saw black legal gun owners at the Lee Statue and freaked out. I guess he thinks it’s fine for white gun owners to trespass …

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