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Melissa Peters

Guess that makes you the back end of one.

It'll always be "the same ones" who did it.

Fredemy, you are totally missing the point and reacting like Trump.

It's easy, when you know so little about testing and analysis of a novel virus, to call it "Monday morning quarterbacking".

Wow. If there is anything Virginia can do well it is drag out attempts to make it change.

I don't think an econ professor is a legitimate or credible source of information on the community health impact of opening schools to in-class instruction. He has no training or expertise in medicine or epidemiology.

Entirely different agendas.

It's amazing how these guys lecture on "personal responsibility" yet take none themselves.

If a warmongering racist reactionary authoritarian like Tom Cotton is trying to legislate against schools getting Federal funding if they use the 1619 Project essays to discuss slavery, then obviously the essays should be used.

"The lies our textbooks told my generation of Virginians about slaver…

Forgot to credit Paul Goldman for the quotes:

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