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Unless of course it involves abortion, and then it is all about “choice”. Funny how that works.

It appears as though these “protesters” are actually trespassing and it begs the question as to why they have been allowed to flaunt and break the law for over 700 days?

It’s called SNAP and WIC.

The way things are going downtown, the pup is going to be very busy!

Just think for a moment what it actually costs the city to print and mail that bill plus the fee the company in Charlotte charges. Makes all the sense in the world, right?

It’s that “great Democrat leadership” that Drake, Hal and Bob keep talking about!

What are the odds that “free transit” services, much like the “free schools” in the city will become an unmitigated disaster? Stay tuned!

Isn’t it amusing that when accusations, substantiated or otherwise, are brought against a Republican or a conservative “we must believe the women”. Yet, charges against a Democrat or liberal, but I repeat myself, are always met with cries of conspiracy, racism (if applicable) or outright …

This is a re-hash of what was posted a week ago.

Just another day of peaceful protests in downtown Richmond.

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