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J.Mark Wittkofski

Amazing how the REPUBLICANS are always talking about cutting the size of government and terrible spending by the Democrats, and then you see this disgusting behavior! What does $8 B for weapons and $1.75 B for a new FBI Headquarters have to do with coronavirus relief? The new REPUBLICAN P…

These people have too much time on their hands. Instead of whining about the Lost Cause, maybe they should strive to be a part of the re-invention of Monument Avenue. Perhaps a new landscape design and new monuments will actually help improve their property values. I mean some of these pe…

Isn’t he the sharp tack that twice in a row has missed deadlines to file for elections. I am not sure he is the kind of forgetful person we need as our member of Congress. I will vote for the person who has a proven record of accomplishments for the citizens in the 7th District: Abigail S…

Another shining star from Liberty University, what's with this people?

No wonder they liked coming to Richmond. Maybe this explains why they are not continuing to charge the city for their 2 week boondoggle!

Sure, a friend from Tennessee that this man has no contact information for, just happened to access his cell phone...either this guy has multiple personalities or is simply a lousy liar!

Here's a better idea: Trump and his band of idiots should get new jobs! Why wait until November? They should quit NOW! I am sure they can easily reinvent themselves as groundhogs and tunnel deep into the ground and away from destroying America!

Typical Trump: he doesn't like the message so he KILLS the Messenger! You Republicans simply OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED of yourselves for keeping this fool in the White House!

Sure, why not send the kiddies to school. Our dear leader has assured us that the coronavirus will disappear, what could go wrong? When will the spineless Republicans stand up to the fool and tell him he is clueless and without a soul? Maybe in hindsight come the year 2030, they will real…

One word: FOOL!

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