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Didn’t this restaurant have insurance?? I’m so sorry this happened but a fundraising campaign???

Correct Jerome! This city will end up bankrupt just like NYC!! Pisses me off!

Dave Brat has nothing g to do with this. What an ignorant, non applicable comment.

Our constitutional rights - that’s the difference!

You are ignorant and you won’t do the research on your own to find these proven facts.

Mr Butler Sympathy??? Did you know that 15,000 babies were aborted in VA last year and 22% of them, over 3000 were black?? As a pediatrician Dr Northam took the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm” yet in his weekly WTOP interview in Jan of this year he said he supported infanticide! This is …

Great location, that area could use a Hugh quality grocer!

Talk is ALL these people do!

A summit on the root causes of crime??? That is like having a summit trying to discover why the sun rises in the morning! What a waste of time, energy and money!!!!!

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