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PC167696685 commented on Editorial: Where is the leadership?

Excellent editorial. Long overdue.

PC167696685 commented on Editorial: The joy of outrage

Thank you very much for this thoughtful assessment of our present predicament. I am weary of this Age of Outrage--yet, with accusation and counter accusation, punch and counter punch, I don't look for it to end anytime soon.

I hope we will move beyond the Age of Outrage soon.

Sounds like you've forgotten the Republican Recession us Dems brought you back from. All Trump did was build on that. He was lucky. I hope the country survives the next two years.

Still a racist, even though you're passin'.

Why give this blowhard a soapbox? Of course he will say it's a load of ****. It's not news, it's just another day in his self-proclaimed vicious campaign. It's karma time for Kavanaugh, who went after Bill Clinton for comparable actions, dragging our country through the mud in the 1990s.

PC167696685 commented on Schapiro: The staid of the race

Love the cowbell bookends to this piece. As always, thanks for the insights.

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