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“The officer reasonably regarded Mr. Peters as a direct threat to his life and to the safety of those around him,” according to the report, co-written by Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney LaToya H. Croxton. “A reasonable officer in this scenario would have believed that Peters was capable…

Another reason why white parents living in the city send their kids to private school.

"...even as white domestic terrorists get a pass."

Please do tell us which "white domestic terrorists" are getting passes.

“The City of Richmond will take all necessary steps to protect residents and visitors and preserve peace and public safety in our communities.”

Better late than never I suppose.

Where to begin? I don't have time to research all of these, but in the article Ms. Moreno includes Michael Brown, stating he “was fatally shot by police with his hands in the air in Ferguson, Missouri."

This occurred while President Obama (Black) was in office, and was investigated …

Enough is enough.

Hal, with all due respect it's obvious you don't live anywhere near the affected areas a have no clue what's going on. If you did you would understand, and you would be donating to Kim Gray's campaign.

ABS 2020 - Anyone But Stoney

"The altercation took place near the Robert E. Lee Monument, which has become a popular gathering place since protests in Richmond began on May 28."

Uhmm, yeah, a popular gathering place for complete idiots.

ABS 2020 - Anyone But Stoney

We are, but it falls on deaf ears. Leadership of this city is beyond incompetent.

ABS 2020 - Anyone But Stoney

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