Polk Montague

Can't say your going to have much luck getting anyone to be on your side. When you go against the brotherhood, the brothers in the jail will kill you just to settle a score or as a peace offering. Better get used to lonely nights in the cell. Life decisions!

Thanks Ronnie! I'll try harder to please you in the future.

The screaming crybabies of C-ville with their do over history lessons. Look out Tommy Jefferson, there coming for you too!

I recommend calling them the "Butterballs" That way when they loose a game everyone can say they turkeyed another game!

Brother looked at his circumstances and said, better off dead. Bad decisions result in bad results. The family still morns.

Me thinks the Gov needs to clean house. Here's an idea, put regular folks on the board. They are capable of reading the file on these criminals and deciding if the criminal is worthy of being released. I'd rather have a truck driver or food service worker reading the criminals record and …

Something tells me she was not a candidate for "Mother of the year" award. When the court takes your child away from you, you've demonstrated your in-ability to be a responsible parent. Hope the kid is Okay.

There are plenty of people that have worked for him that did not have such a great experience.

The four employee's were aware of the rules and chose not to follow them. Any of them could have gone and been tested Monday or Tuesday. The fact they waited until the store was reopening before being tested won't fly. Employers can't test every single person every time someone in the com…

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