Rick Stevenson

The party that insists on a photo ID to get into their national convention ... but insists that citizens should be allowed to vote without that same safeguard ... are up to no good. That would be the Democrat Party.

Surely you jest, Drake. We are not blind.

Richmond City government, or lack thereof, has set the stage for the wanton destruction that continues to plague this once beautiful city. Clearly the BLM and antifa crowd had more in mind than erasing history. The statues are gone, but the hoodlums are not. A classic lesson is that when …

Once again, misguided leaders are looking for solutions in all the wrong places. It's time to turn inward, and recognize the devastating impact that the disintegration of the nuclear Black family has had on the rearing and education of the youth. Fatherless homes and poor lifestyle choice…

No one's life is being "smeared" for recreational use of marijuana.

You must have forgotten that Mike Pence wiped the floor with Kaine.

If you like the direction of California ... Open border, 38% Hispanic, 23% of the nation's homeless ... by all means vote for the Left's senile puppet and his anti-ICE, socialist friend.

The citizens of Richmond's projects already have a hard enough time qualifying for good jobs. Making it easier to zone out just makes the situation more dire. A stoned populace is easier to manipulate, right Stoney?

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