Our time is better spent in prayer for President Falwell. My goodness, he and his family have suffered enough.

I would hope these people get the longest possible jail sentences. There is no excuse for this type of vandalism.

It is surprising that they are having in-person classes (not that it pertains to me!).

They need to use the clip of her at one of the primary debates talking about Trump the predator. Searing.

There is a reason his name is "Stoney.." That, and it is 2020.

What a great choice. Unlike the current person in the White House who holds perpetual grudges, the fact that she mixed it up with Biden and still was selected says a lot about his character. Home run.

I am surprised any of the public universities are opening in August. The trump virus is so out of control that intentionally having people so close together does not seem prudent. Still, I think W&M's president is a strong leader so is/will make considered decisions.

Hey back to you. You are using talking points from far right, disturbing conspiracy sites. I did a search on the Federal Elections site and Soros is not a Spanberger donor, not that it isn't a free country where he is entitled to do just that. Actblue is the most successful small donor si…

OMG, can't wait for her to debate the little pious butt kisser in the VP debate. Great pick by Biden.

Alarming: Post offices in Iowa have reported today that the new postmaster general, a partisan with no relevant experience other than contributing millions to our fake president, has begun ordering them to REMOVE postal sorting equipment. It is hard to believe, but it is hardly surprising.

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