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Bob Harrison


Way too much of a little bit of everything... VCU '71 Grad (History & Poli-Sci) ( '77 Painting and Print Making)... Worked a teacher, drug rahab counselor, social worker, businessman, etc) Living outside Charlotte, NC

Home town

Fa;lls Church, Va...

Diversity should be the GOAL in education!!! This is a diverse society and if we are going to educate people to deal with that REALITY then we would be failing any student by not introducing them to as diverse learning experience as possible...~~~ Bob

So, are you willing to pay these mothers - MOST WHO HAVE TO WORK - to carry these fetuses to term??? Didn't think so... But keep guessing... ~~~ Bob

What a silly letter... There are millions of acres of open land and we only need 1% of it devoted to solar energy to produce enough energy to power every house in Virginia... ~~~ Bob

Trump has made us a lot LESS SAFE because he has offended and pushed away our ALLIES... There is a reason why we call them allies and if we were in a pickle they would tell Trump to "Go F yourself"... That is NOT promoting peace... That is just making his anarchist cult supporters happy..…

************** HERD STUPIDITY **************

Lots of PROCLAMATIONS but no FACTS... Grow up, Doug... And quit with the racism... It is NOT the Hong Kong Flu... Might of fact most Americans were infected by Europeans who infected on a cruse ship that Trump allowed to disembark and then those passengers flew back to where they lived an…

Another stupid comment from another stupid person who doesn't get we are in the midst of a pandemic so she plays DIVERSION... We are adults here, Maria... Your dodge doesn't fool anyone... GROW UP, lady... ~~~ Bob

The guy is stoned out of his gourd... Nancy Pelosi is correct... We need to shore up the 25th Amendment... ~~~ Bob

White America is suffering from "See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil"... There are two kinds of IGNORANCE; willful and woeful... Most white Americans suffer from both... ~~~ Bob

Nursing homes have been "hot spots" during the coronavirus and nursing homes have had to make a number of adjustments to not only keep their residents alive but their workers... If you are interested in ending that then get behind the advice of the science professionals... ~~~ Bob

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