theo evans

“Gunfire and violent behavior is not peaceful, nonviolent protest; it is criminal’. This just in! Someone needs to alert the main stream media!

Professional sports was alienating minorities? Really? Personally I find the “Washington” part to be more offensive than the “redskins“ part.

White liberals will decide what’s offensive. You don’t need to ask the native Americans.

I do not think we should remove the statues but honestly I’d be completely for it if it would do any good. It won’t. To those who say they are haunted by the statues and what they’re lying. If a private group wants to fund the removal and relocation then have at it. Richmo…

Stoney is looking to grab headlines as he thinks the publicity will help his political career down the road. He doesn’t care about all the businesses who prepared for the openings and staffed up and spent their limited money on perishable items. He is simply looking to grab headlines at t…

Looks promising for UVA. Perkins will be a hard act to follow.

Give him a writ and let Alabama feed and house him for the next 25 years. It would save the commonwealth about 1mm.

Tony Bennett and the uva basketball team are a shining example of everything that is right with college athletics and specifically college basketball. What a shame it’s not impressive enough to garner more praise from the likes of espn who only care about viewers which translate into advert…

Just so I understand, you are saying it is right to refuse service to someone based on their beliefs if you are civil and courteous. Do I have that right?

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