Diane Brennan

Do nurse and medical professionals work 5 days a week 10-12 hours a day.....most likely 3 shifts a week with a weekend and night shift differential. All well deserved, but not a good comparison to a judicial employee...

The person you referred to works for the Commonwealth of Virginia. She has not had a raise in two years, is working with the public during a pandemic and we, the citizens of Virginia, pay her probably less than $50K a year. Yes, state employees need a union, a raise, and some additional p…

Oh, please make no mistake...there was only one party leadership that is working hard get this behind us; remember that in November.

Hey dingbats...there is no teacher's union in Virginia!!

Her constituents are ALL Amelia and All Colonial Heights love her....she will retain her Senate seat, Governorship, no way.

Let me clarify..she will not win the Governor's seat, but she will retain her Senate seat..her district includes ALL of Amelia and ALL of Colonial Heights and a very small part of Chesterfield. The folks in Amelia still believe in Creationism and a love guns, she will hold her seat. Howev…

She is the ULTIMATE Karen

Have you been to her district? She is a perfect rep for their views and beliefs...she will win, unless some Republican beats her in the primary. A Dem will never take her district, at least not yet.

Can't blame the Governor for this one..the Supreme Court of Va handed down this order. The issue is with the VERY Republican judicial branch..

It is not for the the Judicial Branch....

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